A PERSONAL UNDERSTANDING: ​In the summer of 2013, Rory was promoting dog training and education at a local pet supermarket. While he was there, a former Air Force JAG Officer, Tony, and his wife approached him and started talking about their own personal dogs. Tony and Rory agreed that dogs are very therapeutic for all needs, and wi​th their prior military experience they knew how vital a service dog could be to a returning hero with PTSD in his or her therapy to cope with the stresses of war. It was at that point that Tony decided to donate Marley to Rory to continue her training as a service dog and at the same time Paws 4 Boots was born....                                            READ MORE Paws 4 Boots is a Non-Profit Charity Organization. We provide trained Service Dogs (PAWS) to qualified Combat Veterans (BOOTS). This is at no cost to the Veteran, who also receives training once he/she has been placed with their PAWS. The dogs are either adopted from the shelter or received as a donation. All donations go directly into the Charity to provide for food, veterinary expenses, training, grooming supplies and anything else that the Paws may need.  Rory Dobis Founder Head Trainer Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from war often feel stressed and anxious by his or her surroundings as a result of their combat experience. These veterans are accustomed to a certain mindset and structure of life while they are actively deployed in a combat zone. Upon the veteran’s arri​val back home, the daily structure is completely different. The dramatic changes in life can result in confusion, distress, anxiety, depression, and unfortunately, sometimes death. The symptoms of PTSD can cause embarrassment and frustration after the veterans are accustomed to being such tough, strong soldiers. As a result, PTSD a very difficult subject for veterans to talk about with their loved ones.  This is sadly why PTSD is known as the “Silent Killer”. WHAT IS A BATTLE BUDDY: ​A Battle Buddy is a partner assigned to you in the Army. Your Battle Buddy is expected to be at your side both in and out of combat and provides both company for the soldier and and can help reduce the risk of suicide. At Paws 4 Boots, we use dogs as Battle Buddies for the returning veterans to serve as a constant companion.